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  ТипографияВ свою очередность, печатня, основывающая свою активность на использовании офсетных печатных автомашин обязана еще обладать оснащение для резки и оснащение для изготовления печатных форм. Еще печатня сходственного вида обязана укомплектовываться установкой для скрепления, машинкой для сгиба и иным оборудованием. Таковым образом, ежели, к примеру, получать для такового компании, как печатня, свежее офсетное оснащение, надлежит учесть тот эпизод, будто окупится печатня никак не раньше нежели чрез 3 года.

В принципе, для такового изготовления, как печатня, разрешено купить и оснащение, былее в потреблении, однако в неплохом рабочем состоянии. Таковой вариант ограничится для сотворения такового компании, как печатня гораздо подешевле, но есть и риск такого, будто оснащение имеет возможность вылезти из строя в самый-самый неуместный эпизод.

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self-employment (J2)<br />Being engaged in work for pay or profit and not under the direction of another. The self-employed are part of the labour force and are present in every sector. The peasant farmer, the professional lawyer, the actor and the small shopkeeper are leading cases of self-employment. Inability to gain employment may force a person to attempt to gain an income through self-employment. Often self-employed businesses are undercapitalized because of the poor availability and higher cost of small-scale finance. Selfemployment produces a hybrid income of wages and profits. An estimate of residual profits can be extracted from total income by applying a market wage rate to the number of hours worked; an estimate of wages, by applying the market rate of interest to the amount of capital employed to see how much of total income remains.

correlation (C1)<br />The extent of interdependence between two variables. Unlike regression, this calculation is not used to predict the value of one variable from the other.<br /><em>See also:</em> autocorrelation; coefficient of correlation; Durbin-Watson statistic; multiple correlation; non-linear correlation; rank correlation; Spearman's rank correlation formula
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policy smoothing (E6)<br />Reducing the amplitude in swings in a policy from one limit to another often by using independent non-political boards of experts to formuJate policy changes. Monetary policy is often conducted by an independent central bank.<br /><em>See also:</em> European Central Bank; Federal Reserve System; Monetary Policy Committee

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<strong>Leave of Absence (LOA)</strong> – An approved leave of absence is a break in enrollment, not including a regularly scheduled semester break or spring break, that is requested by the student and approved by the school. The student' s request must be in writing and must include the reason for the leave. An LOA cannot exceed 180 days in any 12-month period.
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alleviation (02)<br />A DEVELOPMENT strategy of softening POVERTY, not eliminating it; for example, by giving every child primary education and every mother health care.
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lag (E6)<br />The period of time elapsing between the change in value of an economic variable and the appearances of the effects of that change, e.g. the time lag between an income tax cut and an increase in consumer spending. These lags can be technological, psychological or institutional. They are a common feature of most economic relationships, especially relating to FISCAL POLICY, because a lapse of time is necessary before legislation and institutional behaviour can be adjusted: it takes time to change tax law, to pay out incomes and to spend money.<br /><em>See also:</em> administration lag; implementation lag; inside lag; Lundberg lag; outside lag; Robertsonian lag
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Banking Act 1979 (E5, G2)<br />The aims of this UK statute were to regulate deposit-taking business under the control of the Bank of England. It defined 'deposit-taking business' as the receiving of deposits of money and then lending to others, or as being financed out of the capital or interest received by way of deposit. The Act also set up a Deposit Protection Board to manage a deposit protection fund.<br /><em>See also:</em> Financial Services Act

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limited company (L2)<br />A firm owned by shareholders whose liability is limited to the amount of capital subscribed. Since the mid-nineteenth century this has been a powerful means of financing large firms. The extent to which this form of organization is used varies from country to country. In Germany, for example, as it is viewed with suspicion, very few companies are limited liability and public. The development of SECONDARY MARKETS in unlisted securities has encouraged the movement to limited liability.<br /><em>See also:</em> joint stock company; Unlisted Securities Market

<strong>Certification</strong> – The act of attesting that something is true or meets a certain standard. 1) Within the FFEL Program, the school certifies each borrower' s student loan, attesting to the fact that required eligibility criteria have been met, such as need. 2) Within the state student assistance programs administered by the MDHE, the school certifies each student' s eligibility and at the same time requests funds.

Chamberlin, Edward Hastings, 18991967 (B3)<br />Educated at the Universities of Iowa, Michigan and Harvard where his PhD, supervised by Allyn YOUNG, formulated the theory of MONOPOLISTIC COMPETITION, his principal achievement. Although Joan ROBINSON produced a theory of IMPERFECT coMPETIT!ON in the same period, Chamberlin was always keen to differentiate his theory from hers.<br /><em>Reference</em><br />Chamberlin, E.H. (1933) Theory of Monopolistic Competition, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.<br /> Kuenne, R.E. (ed.) (1967) Monopolistic Competition Theory: Studies in Impact: Essays in Honor of Edward H. Chamberlin, New York: Wiley.<br /> Robinson, R. (1971) Edward H. Chamberlin, New York: Columbia University Press.

cost gradient (M2)<br />The increase in costs resulting from an enterprise being less than optimum size.

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